Diversity is not a strategy.

Erwin McManus, pastor of Mosaic LA, a multi-ethnic community of faith, recalled an instance in which a church consulted him for advice. This church consisted of white Christians who wanted to know: “How can we make our church more diverse?”

I love Erwin’s response:

“How many friends do you have that are people of color? Would you let your daughter marry someone of a different race? No? Well, look. At Mosaic, being diverse is not a strategy. It is our heart.

Reminds me of how real change occurs in the context of relationship, not because we simply opt in for political correctness.

the darker seasons

When we are in the wilderness, our questions are always the same. How did I get here? And whose fault is it? But in the wilderness, none of that matters. Blaming others, ourselves or God won’t help. Besides, God’s purposes for the wilderness are always the same–to bring intimacy and humility. We have to stop asking how we got here, and ask God what He has for us right here, right now, in this wilderness place.

- Jonathan Martin, Renovatus Church


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